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    Replay of event recorded
    with a live audience at
    Proctors GE Theatre
    June 7, 2023 in
    New York's Capital Region.



    Recorded June 7, 2023 with a live audience at
    Proctors GE Theatre in New York's Capital Region.

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    Enjoy thought-provoking, informative talks
    from the following speakers:




    How Positive Culture
    + Technology Saved an Aerospace  Manufacturing Business

    A Case Study

    Andrew Gibson of Lyme, CT, advises Tier 1 aerospace suppliers and their banks on Strategic Vision, Operations, Growth, Due Diligence, Financing, Exit and Turnaround matters. Andrew’s deep experience as an Owner, Operator and Financier affords quick project due diligence and successful results. Andrew was CEO and co-Owner of Chester, CT and Bangalore, India-based AeroCision, a Tier 1 maker of turbine engine parts.  AeroCision’s deep turnaround began in 2008 and exited to a PE firm in 2018. Andrew fixed and grew the firm profitability focusing on an Employee and Supplier-first culture and a robust ERP backbone for all data, including forecasting, SPC and Robotic Machinery.  AeroCision was awarded Rolls-Royce’s #1 Supplier in the World of the Year in 2017 – and runner up in 2018.

    Previously, Andrew Gibson started a consultancy in 1996 turning around troubled private and publicly held businesses serving as interim President or COO in many industries. Prior to starting his own Advisory, he was the top financial exec at one of the largest privately held apartment developers in the U.S.A. 

    Andrew started his career as a Loan Officer with Chase Morgan (formerly Manufacturers Hanover) in NYC. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Manufacturers Hanover Trust’s (now Chase Morgan) Credit Training School.


    Best-Selling Author, INNOVATION COACH & International Speaker


    The Power of Human Connection in an
    AI World


    The Quantum Connection

    Rebecca Murtagh leverages over 30 years and 100,000+ hours of real-world experience from Fortune 500
    and Silicon Valley to Main Street,
    across numerous industries to help entrepreneurs and organizations leverage emerging trends to develop innovative strategies that create new revenue streams, competitive advantage, and turn disruption into opportunity.

    A former agent of digital transformation, Rebecca applies her talent as a futurist to help humans adapt, survive and thrive amidst disruptions (like AI, recession, etc.) to business, work, and life as Founder and CEO of Human AI Institute, and CEO of a nonprofit.

    Rebecca grew up in New York's
    Capital Region.
    She returned to New York to raise her family after living in California, Florida, and Virginia, and now lives in Arizona.

    Prior to founding Human AI Institute, Rebecca Murtagh was Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist of Albany NY based award-winning digital consultancy
    Karner Blue Marketing for 20 years.

    www :

    www :


    Author, JD, CISSP | Inventor
    SME Expert: Drones, Streaming & Anti-Piracy, Social Media, Forbes Technology Council
    Thought Leader


    How #Intechication
    Infringes on Human Freedoms, Human Agency, Ingenuity
    How We Counter It

    Wayne Lonstein is an expert in social media forensics, sports law, content protection & anti-piracy. He is also a technology futurist, correctly predicting many trends and patterns in content protection, threat detection, intelligence, UAS-CUAS, anti-piracy, monetization, and social media & technology.

    An accomplished litigator, jurist, technologist, and author, he is a Co-Founder of VFT Solutions. He has represented many content owners, broadcasters, professional athletes, and entertainers. He holds Bachelor's Degrees in Political Science, Information Systems Security and Cyber Forensics, Homeland Security, and Juris Doctor. He has invented patented & award-winning anti-piracy, and anti-crime technology, written extensively on blending technology and brick-and-mortar solutions to protect content. He has appeared as a speaker at industry conferences and on television as an expert in content protection and technology.

    Wayne Lonstein has authored many articles on technology and has Co-Authored seven textbooks on drones, nightmare Technologies, Social Media threats, and other emerging technologies. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Was named Outstanding Alumnus by The Pennsylvania State University, World Campus Graduate Programs for 2019. He has been an accomplished litigator, inventor, social media expert, and jurist for over 30 years. Wayne has presented to some of the most prestigious organizations globally relating to Social Media Crime, Piracy & related issues, including the World Intellectual Property Organization, Motion Picture Association of America, Creative Future, National Football League, National Basketball Association, DIRECTV, AT&T, Turner Sports, FBI, Department of Justice, and many global, national and local law enforcement agencies. He has also coined the hashtag #intechication in the 2018 Forbes article "Governments, And Businesses Are Becoming Inebriated By Technology" Since that time, he has studied, written, and lectured on this issues of over-reliance upon technology and the dangers to freedom of expression, global, national and individual security and nearly every aspect of our daily lives.
    www :


    Master Executive Brain Coach


    Being Analog
    in a Digital World

    John spent 25 years as a Sr. Level Process and Project Management consultant leading organizational maturity initiatives for the C-level of several Fortune 500 companies including Motorola, Aon and Abbott Labs. In 2007 he was contracted by the US Marines to apply his effective process re-engineering methodologies to the brain using neuroplasticity –the amazing capabilities of our brains to change physically from stimulation –as the medium. The goal was to improve Warfighting capabilities, reduce casualties and accelerate trauma recovery. In response he created the innovative field of Applied Neuroplasticity, and it was overwhelmingly successful and exceeded all performance expectations.

    Soon the program spread to pilots, snipers and other branches of the military including Navy SEAL’s and  remains the only program of its kind approved by US Special Operations Command.

    The critical differentiator of John Kennedy's Combat Brain Training program is the reliance on an analog, rather than digital interface for powerful, fast neuronal stimulation. The more we rely on the digital world the more we need our human capabilities to succeed. John transitioned this program to the civilian world and now helps people in a wide range of professions and starting cognitive baselines. Clients range from professional athletes and peak performers in business to people struggling with TBI, chemo fog, slow processing, issues with focus, depression, dementia and learning disorders.

    All think faster with better focus, faster mental processing, and greater mental agility in a fun, engaging format. One consulting neuroscientist says that it optimizes System 1 and System 2 thinking to create “flow state” for peak performance. The same program helps transform culture when experienced as a group since all become fully engaged and feel the benefits of high-level emotional intelligence (EQ) as they progress through different levels together. This helps them exceed their expectations in all areas of performance in all areas of their lives. John is an International Best-Selling Author and speaks, trains and consults in person and virtually all over the world.

    www :

    www : mentalperformanceinstitute.org


    FOUNDER & CEO of the
    known as
    SEAT Center

    The Global Future is Created Locally,
    By Each of Us!

    Jennifer Lawrence is the Founder & CEO of the Social Enterprise and Training Center, known as SEAT Center.  Jennifer’s life work is about bringing opportunity, access, and resources to underrepresented young people.  Jennifer is passionate about connecting the business community with an untapped workforce to support the economic growth of our region. She is considered to be an expert in the field of social entrepreneurship.

    Jennifer is a voice and champion of the opportunity youth, and her background in workforce and business has provided a unique perspective in addressing the challenges facing the modern workforce.

    Jennifer founded SEAT Center specifically as an innovative nonprofit model and environment where young people could grow, upskill, and enter/re-enter the workforce. Through SEAT Center, Jennifer has leveraged her experience to create a dynamic, student-centered organization that is makes a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities, solving workforce shortage that
    very few have an answer for.   

    Jennifer has 20+years of nonprofit management and workforce development experience and earned her master’s degree in Social Work Administration from Fordham University. She attended the University at Albany Executive MBA program, and has a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Siena College.   She is a graduate of REDF Accelerator for Leaders of Employment Social Enterprises,  American Express Leadership Institute and was a 2009-2011 YouthBuild USA Director Fellow. She currently serves on the Capital Region Chamber’s Board of Directors and as a Board Member for the Daily Gazette. She is also a member of the Women Presidents Organization.

    Jennifer has been recognized as the 2022 Community Award recipient of the Schenectady County Democratic Committee; 2021 Queen of Inspiration at the Anuanzeh Association of United Women of the Capital District; 2018 Resourceful Women of the Year in Management from the YWCA Greater Capital Region; 2016 NYS Women of Distinction honoree; and the 2015 YouthBuild USA National Director of the Year.

    www :


    Board member of Albany Can Code, Capital Region Chamber, CEG and The Community Foundation volunteer for Capital Region P-TECH
    and the SEAT Center


    Community Connection and Leadership

    Thorne joined the Business Review in 2019 as advertising director and was promoted to President in July 2021. He brings over 30years of sales and leadership experience to the Albany Business Review where he leads a talented team that is responsible for implementing strategies that help customers grow their business, advance their career, and simplify their professional life. Prior to joining ABR, Thorne held sales-focused positions with JDOG Junk Removal, Advance Media, and Albany Broadcasting Co. and was self-employed for 28 years working for Rex Air Inc., selling Rainbow Vacuum cleaners door to door.

    Thorne's passion is to give back to the community by coaching and mentoring professionals in today's unrest. He combines a unique perspective of empathy, accountability, awareness, and structural changes to guide organizations to new levels in an uncertain time.

    Thorne grew up in Wappingers Falls and studied music and business at Wagner College. He is a classically trained opera singer -trained in six languages -and an avid bowler.
    Thorne serves on the board of AlbanyCancode, the Capital Region Chamber, CEG Board and The Community Foundation Board.He frequently volunteers his time as a mentor through several nonprofit organizations including Capital Region P-TECH and the SEAT Center.


    Accountant, AUTHOR
    Leadership expert, Business Coach
    Speaker, Writer, Best-selling Author


    Reboot With
    and Start
    Living Your Greatness!

    Designated as one of the “50 Over 50: Women Making Impact in Cincinnati,” accountant and leadership expert Diana L. Hooker is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and business coach. With a background in accounting and leadership, her career expands over several areas including direct-sales, business start-ups, franchises and finance.

    Diana Hooker worked her way up from entry-level positions in corporate America to CEO of her own thriving companies,
    DLH Financial and Living Your Greatness Coaching. Diana is passionate about helping her clients to discover, hone, and utilize their talents to succeed no matter what challenges they encounter.


    Renowned yoga teacher and longevity expert with a 28-year career intertwining physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Creator of The Art of Aging Mindfully.


    The Primal Question

    Jai Sugrim is a renowned yoga teacher and longevity expert with a 28-year career that intertwines physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

    As the creator of The Art of Aging Mindfully method, Jai takes a synergistic approach to longevity. He shares practices that harmonize the power of science, physical exercise, spirituality, technological integration, and positive lifestyle choices -towards leading an interesting and fulfilling life.

    Jai's career includes his journey working with the New York Yankees,
    leading them to a
    World Series Championship in 2000,
    and work with leaders across multiple industries.

    He is an avid podcaster, hosting the enlightening series 'The Art of Aging Mindfully' and a passionate yoga practitioner, conducting three digitally broadcasted live classes weekly, for students seeking to incorporate health and spirituality into their daily routines.

    In the era of AI and automation, Jai's mission to foster coherence among diverse peoples is of heightened relevance. His deep-rooted belief is that, even amidst the rapid technological progression, human consciousness and mindfulness practices, can remain central to our experience. Jai inspires individuals to cultivate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and physical wellness, traits that AI cannot replicate,
    thus ensuring
    The Future is Still Human

    www :



    Master of Ceremonies

    Former News Anchor
    Financial News Network (CNBC) |
    NY Capital Region: WTEN (ABC) | FOX 23
    An award-winning journalist for over 25 years, Mark Baker's career has spanned both network and local news.

    His honors include “Hometown USA”, a historical piece about Glens Falls, NY being featured by LOOK Magazine as the quintessential American town during WW II. It received top honors from the NYS Broadcasters Association and an Emmy nomination. In addition, the American Legion bestowed Mark with its top national journalism award in 2015 for “The Final Salute” about a 98-year veteran giving  a final salute in his army uniform while he lay dying in his bed on Veterans’ Day. The photo obtained by Mark went viral, reaching hundreds of millions of people around the world through the internet and coverage by all the major networks.

    Mark Baker has been a local television news anchor for News10 ABC and FOX 23.
    He is also former anchor of the Financial News Network (now CNBC) with a passion for financial literacy, especially when it comes to educating youth.He also draws on several years of experience helping businesses in both the public and private sectors, having worked for the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Department of Commerce and
    Community Affairs and as a consultant for Deere & Company.

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    What people say after attending
    The Future is Still Human...

    Danielle Maclin

    Director of Training and Professional Development

    An excellent event!
    Thank you for bringing together so many
    foward thinking, inspiring speakers.


    Private Investigations Firm Owner and Certified Trainer

    and Don't Fear AI.


    Professor of Marketing and Management.
    President Elect : AMA (American Marketing Association) Chapter.

    This is one of the best events that I have attended.
    Each speaker was so engaging and brought unique insights about AI and humans. I look forward to another event like this in the future.


    Professional Photographer & Instructional Designer

    I really enjoyed the event!


    Light was shed on our corner of earth that day.


    Biggest takeaway:

    More knowledge about AI and how it is impacting our world.
    Thank you!




    Fabulous speakers and human beings!



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    Wherever you are in the early stages or well established in your career, learn what you can do now to be more successful now and in the future.

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    You've worked your entire life and everything seems to be changing. Learn what is needed to remain an informed consumer.