About The Author Podcast

The Author Podcast celebrates the people behind the books we love!

The Author Podcast began as a passion project for Rebecca Murtagh.
Every time met an author, she would ask questions about them, their writing process, why they decided to write a book and how they became published.
The more she learned, the more interesting the writer, and their books became.

She knew if people knew more about an author, the book would be far more interesting.
She wondered how she could help writers and their audiences connect.

Rebecca knew the podcast would be far more interesting if there were multiple hosts interviewing authors of books they were interested in across multiple genres.

In 2019 Rebecca invited a group of book enthusiasts to explore the possibility of interviewing authors and highlighting their books.
A preliminary framework led to the creation of this platform.

Today, The Author Podcast features interviews conducted by
Rebecca Murtagh and a wide variety of podcast guest hosts.

When you listen to The Author Podcast,
you can learn more about some of your favorite authors,
meet new writers,
and discover new books to read!

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